Milchwissenschaft - Milk science international
Milchwissenschaft - Milk Science International
Zeitschrift für Ernährungsforschung und Lebensmittelwissenschaften
Journal of nutrition research and food science
Organ der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Milchwirtschaft

Wissenschaftliche Redaktion / Scientific Editor: Prof. Dr. W. Heeschen

The Journal MILCHWISSENSCHAFT - MILK SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL - is a scientific publication which exists now more than 60 years and is accepted worldwide as one of the leading dairy publications.

The content of the Journal covers the whole dairy sector from milk production, milk quality, milk hygiene to processing of milk, technology engineering, economy and marketing and nutrition and health as well.
The Journal is an important source of information for scientists of a variety of disciplines, laboratory personnel, the management of dairy companies, research institutes and administration.

The Journal is divided into 2 main parts: Part A comprehends original papers (16 to 20 per issue), while Part B contains selected summaries and abstracts of original papers from the scientific literature, information on the activities of the International Dairy Federation (IDF), on newly published books and proceedings, patents and important events worldwide.

The original papers are nearly exclusively published in English, whereas the abstracts etc. are given in German.
The Journal appears four times per year within at least 116 pages per issue.

The distribution covers more than 50 countries worldwide.
The Journal is the publication of the German Association of Dairy Science.
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