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                                                      YUZHOU HENGDA ·SUNSHINE CITY


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                                                      Hengda Sunshine City - a national first-class real estate development enterprise, the Hengda Group has carefully built, based on Yuzhou for 10 years, a 3 million  urban living polymer has matured. Witnessing the development of Yuzhou and helping the butterfly change of Yudong, now 6000 families have been happy to stay, and in the future will accommodate 12,000 community collections.


                                                      Planning: administrative district · thousand acres of large market · 3 million ㎡ urban living complex

                                                      Administrative area, a thousand acres of large-scale, urban living complex, the total amount of 3 million m2. The project takes “ecological view, scientific concept and diversified social view” as the planning and design concept, and combines the architectural characteristics and living habits of the people of Yuzhou to introduce the concept of “urban life complex” into Yuzhou for the first time. The high-rise residential buildings, dotted with local office buildings and commercial new urban areas, form an urban complex integrating residential, commercial shopping, entertainment and business.

                                                      Lot: Chengdong New District, the heart of the center

                                                      It occupies the central part of the Chengdong New District of Yuzhou, close to the Central Administrative District of Yuzhou, the Central Business District, and the Central Living Area. It is surrounded by the Yuzhou Business Center Plaza,surrounded by more than 60 institutions, and 20 high-end communities are neighbors, facing prosperity;it is close to the 26-kilometer Yi River Landscape Promenade - the fashionable bank of Ying River 、the beautiful Dongwan section,and enjoy 1600 acres of Ying River Garden ,entering is quiet.


                                                      Transportation: three vertical and three horizontal, gold transportation, convenient travel

                                                      Xuanyuan Avenue, Yuwang Avenue, Yingchuan Avenue, Binhe Avenue, Administrative North Road, Jianshe Road, three vertical and three horizontal traffic network, located in the eye of a golden city. It is 5 minutes south of the city government, and it is a 10-minute drive from Yuzhou East Bus Station, Zhengyao、Yongdeng Expressway and Zhengwan High speed railway Yuzhou Station.

                                                      Landscape: high green landscape market

                                                      The greening rate of the community is 40%, the green coverage area is 192,400 square meters, the green coverage rate is 45.25%, the arbor species are 61 species, and the number of shrubs is 9,692.


                                                      Honor: Deeply cultivated in Yuzhou, famous in the Central Plains

                                                      1. On November 19, 2017, Yuzhou Hengda·Sunshine City was officially awarded the honorary title of “Xuchang Garden-style Residential Community” by Xuchang City National Ecological Garden City Creation Headquarters.

                                                      2. In September 2016, Yuzhou Hengda Real Estate was promoted to a national first-class real estate development qualification enterprise.

                                                      3. On March 19th, 2016, Hengda Sunshine City was listed as an excellent project for national inventory deconstruction and was listed on the CCTV Financial Channel.

                                                      4. In March 2016, Hengda Sunshine City was rated as an excellent property service community (three consecutive years).

                                                      5. In December 2015, Yuzhou Hengda Real Estate was awarded the annual advanced tax payment unit by the Yuzhou Municipal Government (for four consecutive years) and was awarded the honorary title of the top ten taxpayers in Xuchang City.

                                                      6. In December 2015, Yuzhou Hengda Real Estate was rated as an advanced unit of annual safe production by the Yuzhou Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau (for four consecutive years). In August 2015, Hengda Sunshine City was the only designated benchmark project for the Construction Quality Supervision of the Yuzhou City Housing and Construction Bureau.

                                                      Products: diverse products, flexible choice

                                                      The building is about 62-164㎡beautiful house, 42-63㎡ family apartment, 100-300㎡ pension shop, and a variety of products to meet your flexible choice.

                                                      Classification: city series  
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