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                                                      YANLING HENGDA·SUNSHINE CITY


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                                                      Yanling Hengda·Sunshine City, as the masterpiece of Hengda Group in Yanling, has a vast territory of about 230,000 ㎡ and is currently on sale for the second phase of the project. The product covers about 90㎡ of creative 2+1 three rooms, 118㎡ classic Three rooms, as well as the construction of about 90-306㎡ Liujinwangpu, adhering to the philosophy of Hengda Group Minsheng Real Estate, condensing the city's essence of resources, using architecture to interpret the true meaning of life.


                                                      27-year-old Hengda    Hong Kong listed real estate enterprises

                                                      Hengda Group (Holdings) Co., Ltd., Hong Kong listed country-level qualification and strength housing enterprises, 27 years of intensive cultivation of the Central Plains, more than 46 projects in 7 cities, projects throughout Zhengzhou, Xuchang, Xinyang, Yuzhou, Changge, Yanling, Xiangcheng, etc. The developed and to-be-developed area is about 5.6 million square meters. It integrates high-end Meishu, urban complex and high-end residential buildings, and has 120,000 loyal fans.


                                                      20 years of Hengda property   coronation for quality life

                                                      Hengda Property has nearly 30 service communities in 20 years and a service area of about 4 million square meters. It has been approved as “Henan Province Service Standardization Pilot Unit” of Xuchang City、and has been rated as “Excellent Management Enterprise” by the provincial and municipal governments for many years 、the "good housekeeper trusted by the owners of Xuchang City"for many years.


                                                      Old City Center   Building a prosperous living area

                                                      It is located in the center of Yanling old Town, on the south side of Jiajia Leisure Square, it is connected to a large shopping center in the north, the bustling commercial center in the east, the Shengli Street and Zhuyuan Street, and the main roads of the city, such as West Street and Huadu Avenue,A gathering of leisure, entertainment, catering, business, etc., the prosperity of the city's heart and prosperity, to achieve the future of the owners of colorful life enjoyment.


                                                      Full-age education  Make an appointment for the future

                                                      Shorten the distance from education, if it is adjacent to it. Yanling Hengda·Sunshine City gathers resources from kindergarten to high school education, and is adjacent to Minle Kindergarten, Anling Town Experimental Kindergarten, Anling Town Central Primary School, and Yanling County Junior High School,the humanistic atmosphere of the eyes and ears is paved with a bright future for the children..


                                                      Riverview House, Healthy and poetic

                                                      Yanling Hengda·Sunshine City strives to create beautiful gardens, Living in the old city center by the river,it is a collection of garden aesthetics,many gardens are elegant and interesting,the Tibetans flourish in the flowers, and they are adjacent to the riverside side,and move in different places, take in the scenery of the four seasons, and the riverside is clear and the life is bleak.


                                                      90 small three-bedroom wedding room / accompanying / investment highland

                                                      About 90m2 creative 2+1 three rooms, down payment 80,000, small area, low down payment, low total price, low tax, low decoration costs, compact size, no waste of idle space, saving home purchase costs, three bedrooms facing south The second bedroom has a full bay window, comfortable and functional, and reorganizes the imagination with super high usage rate. The family of two is more than enough. The three generations are just the same, and the wedding room/accompanying/investment highland can be switched at will.


                                                      118 widening the three-bedroom  Think about life

                                                      L-shaped kitchen, functional partition is clear, sleek and simple; respect the sun master bedroom, with a large balcony, enjoy the quiet; the study room is Quiet , a wide balcony, to maintain the realm of life; living room, kitchen, restaurant trinity, life more taste, quality life Leisurely content. The two-child family, three generations of the same family, built a surface of about 118㎡ width space, pretending to be a family's imagination of a happy family. The main bedroom faces south, and the master bedroom has an oversized balcony to enjoy more sunshine and beauty.


                                                      90-306㎡ Liujin Wangpu  "money" landscape unlimited,

                                                      Sunshine City Commercial Street is located in the center of the old city, consisting of Sunshine Jinjie Commercial Street, Waterfront Specialty Food Street, Fashion and Leisure Street, Leisure and Entertainment Street, etc., enjoying Zhuyuan Road north and south through the west main street, Huadu Avenue and other urban backbones. Convenient transportation of the road, gathering the commercial atmosphere of Yanling old Town, 230,000 ㎡ alcoholic community, school district highland, self-contained source of no cultivation period, undertaking teachers and students money and thousands of community wealth, catering, leisure, shopping, home In addition to multi-industry in one, small investment and large returns, a shop rich three generations, "money" landscape unlimited, to achieve endless wealth magnetic field.


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