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                                                      XUCHANG HENGDA· KING OF THE NORTH


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                                                       King of the North Project was developed and constructed by Xuchang Holiday Baocheng Real Estate Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hengda Group. In the 27 years of construction, the development area is over 5.6 million meters, and it has been awarded the title of “Top 50 Comprehensive Strength of Real Estate Development Enterprises in Henan Province”for many years.


                                                       King of the North  is the first low-density high-end real estate developed by Hengda Group in the 27 years since its establishment. The project is located at the core of Jian'an District, Xuchang, east to Jingshui Road, west to Binhe Road, south to Juxian Street, and north to the administrative main road Xinyuan Avenue. The project is planned to be 500 mu and developed in three phases. The first phase of development is 200 mu. The planning of Yinglunchengshu, Huajing Foreign-style house, and Shujing High-rise, various types of houses and products are designed to meet the different needs of the owners. There are also large-scale star clubs in theKing of the North  Community. There are tea rooms, book bars, wine bars, cigar bars, fitness centers, children's activity centers, swimming pools and other multi-element leisure packages. After the stay, you can invite your friends and relatives to come here for fitness, leisure and party.


                                                      The second phase of the project covers an area of 201 mu. It is mainly a complex and noble community with French houses, high-rises and small high-rises. The building is mainly French-style, with architectural embellishments in nature, and in an open space structure. The flowers and green plants, the details of the treatment of the use of French colonnades, carved, lines, showing a romantic and elegant style; the shape of the use of symmetrical techniques, magnificent, exudes the innate elegance and solemnity. French garden landscape design has always been known for its delicate and gorgeous taste, and popular on the basis of classicism, mainly pursuing the infinity of space, exquisite fountains, statues, sketches, flower beds, central water system, viewing pavilion French colonnades, carved flowers, lines, fine and elegant, revealing the taste of art everywhere. The greening rate is as high as 35%, and the dense jungle broad-leaved trees reflect the changes throughout the year. Synchronize the rhythm of the garden in the community with the external natural environment to create a health garden that blends with nature. The project is equipped with supporting facilities such as community kindergartens and shopping malls. The design of the unit is reasonable, the area control is reasonable, and the practicality is strong, so that the owner can get a reasonable living space.


                                                      The surrounding environment of King of the North  Project is superior. The east side is the beautiful Beihai Park, the west side is the Qingyi River Park, and theKing of the North  is between the two major water systems. Beihai Park, Qingmu River Thousand-acre Park and the Beihai Park Reconstruction Project under construction on the south side The three rivers of the Yinma River surround the King of the North , and the Double dragons play form formed by the King of the North  plan realizes the mutual exchange of waterways and interaction. Regulated regional core water system and tourist landscape access.Let the owners living in King of the North , enjoy the precious life of the ecological SPA at home, away from the world's worldly publicity.


                                                      Xinyuan Avenue and Jingshui Road serve as the cross-axis of Xuchang Jian'an District. The administrative agencies pooled and planned the new district experimental high school, experimental kindergarten, Henan Agricultural University Xuchang branch integrated education resources, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank, Construction Bank, Zhongyuan Bank, many financial institutions. Institution, Xuchang Fifth People's Hospital integrates medical, teaching, scientific research, prevention and rehabilitation into a comprehensive medical institution. In addition, the project itself, the clubhouse, the swimming pool, the fitness center, and the only dual-gas package have all the elements to support the top-end high-end life. The future will surely be the first-class famous collection place.


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