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                                                      XUCHANG?HENGDA· WEIYUAN


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                                                      Thousand Years of Caowei Ancient City, Hengda Weiyuan Prosperity Reproduction

                                                      Wei Wu whip, the past is thousand years. The history of Weidu has a long history. In 2200, the ancient city of Caowei, among the thick soil of culture, Xuchang has been a famous city for business travel and tourism since ancient times. The migration of the times, the ancient city rejuvenation is imperative. On March 24th, 2016, the renewal plan of Caowei Ancient City passed the examination and approval, and the old city center awakened new business opportunities!

                                                      Caowei ancient city planning

                                                      The “One Axis, One Ring, Six Districts” regulation will create cultural exhibition, tourism and leisure, commercial services, and characteristic living as the main functions of the Caowei Cultural Ancient City, which will become a national 5A-level tourist scenic spot, Caowei historical and cultural display highland, Xuchang City Humanistic image card. The ancient city of Caowei, which is "Ancient rhyme, antique, ancient charm", is a collection of wealth and wealth of the cultural tourism, and the tide of business tides.


                                                      Caowei Ancient City Portal, Cultural tourism and commercial building street

                                                      Hengda·Weiyuan, the location of the ancient city of Caowei, takes the Caowei culture as the essence and integrates into the experiential business concept. It is in line with the “Caowei Ancient City” planning, creating a one-stop commercial street for culture, tourism, leisure, entertainment and shopping,Leading Xuchang's characteristic culture to experience the pace of commercial development, and then continue the millennium prosperity.

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