Keep the original mind, and practice public welfare | Hengda Group won the "2021 Public Welfare Responsibility Brand Award"


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                                                      Pay tribute to the new era and praise the public welfare people. The 5th Public Welfare Ceremony in 2022 was recently held at the Boao Forum for Asia International Conference Center in Hainan (hereinafter referred to as the "Public Welfare Ceremony"). With the brand mission of actively undertaking social responsibility, Hengda Group stood out from many participating enterprises and won the "2021 Public Welfare Responsibility Brand Award". This award is a high recognition of Hengda Group's past contribution to public welfare undertakings.



                                                      This year's public welfare ceremony is an annual brand event about charity, which is initiated by authoritative media and is aimed at Chinese charity organizations and caring individuals all over the world. The ceremony is dedicated to new ideas, new thinkings and new measures of charity, and selects, publicizes and promotes these contents, so that the image of charity people can be displayed to the society in an all-round way, the charity stories can be told to the world, and the good voice of Chinese charity can be spread.

                                                      Building a dream of public welfare with one heart is the right time to forge ahead. Hengda Group keeps its initiative mind, be thankful and strives to give back to the society, bears the responsibility of public welfare, and practices the brand concept with gratitude. Over the years, Hengda Group, while paying attention to its own development, has actively participated in social welfare undertakings, with a total donation of more than 42 million yuan, which is mainly used to fund public welfare undertakings such as education, earthquake relief, epidemic prevention and control, and helping people in need. In the future, Hengda Group will continue to fulfill its mission with actions, integrate social responsibility into the process of enterprise development, and strive to make more contributions to the development of social welfare undertakings.

                                                      On AHengda Group (Holdings) is listed in the list of "Top 200 Chinese Real Estate Enterprises"



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