Outstanding performance in fighting epidemic situation | Hengda Group Party Committee was praised by the organization department of Weidu District Committee.


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                                                      On January 29th, the organization department of Weidu District Committee issued the  Praise for Grassroots Party Organizations and Communists who have made outstanding achievements in fighting the epidemic, and the Hengda Group Party Committee was praised. At the same time, the three community party branches, namely Jian 'an Grain Garden in Ruijin Community, Chunqiu Community Cultural Association Police Garden in Dongda Street and Jian 'an Masters in Houfu Community in Xida Street, which are in charge of, have also been notified and praised as red governance community party branches. 


                                                      Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in our city on January 2nd, Hengda Group Party Committee, under the correct leadership of higher party committees and epidemic prevention and control headquarters at all levels, has given full play to the core role of grass-roots party organizations and party members, and taken timely and effective measures, and successively donated more than 2.17 million yuan to Yuzhou Charity Federation, relevant villages and towns in Yuzhou, construction units, Weidu Charity Federation and Longhu Office of Xuchang Economic Development Zone. At the same time, effective measures were taken to ensure the safety protection of Hengda Group employees, construction units and more than 40,000 owners in 67 communities of Hengda Group, which fully reflected the social responsibility of Hengda Group members and employees, demonstrated the responsible and responsible corporate image of Hengda Group, and made contributions to resolutely winning this epidemic prevention and control war!

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