Honorable Hengda Group won a number of awards in the "2021 Xuchang Real Estate Annual General Evaluation List"


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The 2021 Xuchang Real Estate Annual Overall Rating Campaign sponsored by Xuchang Newspaper Media Group ended successfully. This campaign not only deepened the public's understanding of Xuchang property market, but also provided a very useful reference for consumers to buy and choose houses. At the same time, it also made real estate enterprises pay more attention to building corporate brands and improving product quality. Through the 2021 Xuchang Real Estate Annual General Evaluation List, we pay tribute to the "real estate people" who have made the city newer and more beautiful and provided us with more living examples.

Hengda Group lived up to expectations and won many honors in this selection.

Let's take a look at the final selection results!

Enterprise category

2021 Urban Operation Contributing Enterprises

Top ten responsible housing enterprises in 2021

2021 "People's Good Reputation" Enterprise

Hengda Group (Holding) Co., Ltd.


2021 Urban Operation Contribution Award

Li Xiaobing, Chairman of Hengda Group

Real estate man of the year in 2021

Lin Shen, Vice President of Hengda Group

Pioneer of real estate marketing in 2021 

Pei Xiaoman, Marketing Director of the Third Division of Hengda Marketing Group

The most beautiful property consultant in 2021 

Zhou Hengda Binhe House Zhao Xiaoyan

Hengda he yuan Wei Haoran


Livable real estate in 2021

Yuzhou Hengda Binhe Mansion

2021 regional red disk

Hengda Dongcheng garden

Yuzhou Hengda Jinjun

Commercial model building in 2021

Hengda plaza

Hengda Xinduhui

Potential real estate in 2022

Hengda Xinzhu

Hengda Mingzhu

Hengda Shangyuan


On ADonate with love to fight the epidemic | Hengda Group donated 2.17 million yuan to help prevent and control the epidemic.
NextOutstanding performance in fighting epidemic situation | Hengda Group Party Committee was praised by the organization department of Weidu District Committee.



Over the past 28 years, our Group has developed King of  North, Jinhui plaza , NAPA Xidi ……

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